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In Sri Lanka, a paradise in the Indian Ocean,
Indulge in the kind of true relaxation that cannot be found in everyday life.

About us

Since 2016, Karunakarala Ayurveda Resort has been providing exquisite resort stays in Nigombo, Sri Lanka. Our experienced staff, who are well versed in Sri Lankan tourism through hotel operations, will make your trip a pleasant experience.

Our strong working relationships within the industry also enable us to bring you unique tours that you won't find anywhere else. We guarantee a relaxing and enjoyable trip. Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.


World heritage sites, Ayurvedic retreats, marine sports and gemstone mining experiences.
We have the best selection of tours to enjoy the extraordinary. Please contact us for every little detail.


Centra Paradise Park, Jesu Nasarenu Mawatha, Thoppu Thota, Waikkal 61110 Sri Lanka


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