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Gemstone mining Tour

Tour overview


Sri Lanka is famous for its beautiful gemstones. Ratunapura is a major gemstone production centre, with mining sites, cutting and polishing factories, gem museums and jewellery shops.

We have teamed up with a local gem mining company to offer you a tour that allows you to experience gem mining which is not normally possible.

We invite you to find your own special gemstone.


  • Transportation (air-conditioned vehicle)

  • Gemstone mining experience

  • Lunch


Approximately 12 hours

* From the hotel and back by car around 240 km


  • One person : Total SLRs 70,000

  • Two people : Total SLRs 85,000

  • Three to Five people : Total SLRs 120,000

*All charges included

*Including tax

*The price of this tour always fluctuates.

Packing list

  1. Long sleeves and long trousers to avoid insect bites

    1. Clothing that dries easily when wet is recommended.

    2. Colours close to nature are recommended

  2. Sunglasses and hats to avoid sunburn

Additional tour

You can add the following 3 attractions for + SLRs 15,000 per vehicle (*Including tax).

  • Punchi Dambadiwa : Replica of Dambadiwa in India

  • Alupola Ella Falls

  • Dehena Ella Falls

*Images are for illustrative purposes only





06:30 am


10:00 am

Transfer to Ratnapura district Mining experience at a gemstone mining site

02:30 pm

Departure from Ratnapura district

06:00 pm

Arrive at Karunakarala Ayurveda Resort

*Schedule may be subject to change due to weather and other conditions.


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